DemonRoad - Killian

You can get these special skinned weapons by finishing Forgotten World, Holy Water Temple or Shambhala dungeons!

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Snow Slave / Pumpkeen / Pan Luma spawns around Jangan and Constantinople (along with every reverse return scroll locations)
You can collect achievements by several in-game activities!

As a guild leader with an occupied fortress, you have the ability to activate RTD / Alchemy event!

You can expect new unique monsters all around the map!
Over 30 new avatars for DP, gold and Reputation!

Over 30 new grab and mount pets for DP, gold and Reputation!

Legendary Roc can drop expensive items

25 new quests with various item rewards! These quests can be reseted for reputation points!

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Located inside Jangan South Gate. You can purchase special avatars, stones, pets, weapons for gold and arena coin there!

You can collect lottery tickets by going for trades.

You can collect CTF Boxes by participating Capture the Flag matches.

You can collect reputation points for several in-game activities! You can also spend these points to unique items!
You can get end-tier Seal of Sun items from the last boss, Ghost Sereness.
You can get end-tier Seal of Sun items from the unique monsters inside the temple.
Hold the ALT button + hover your cursor to the item you want to compare to your equipped item.
Extra stat points can be obtained from Lottery Tickets or unique monsters.
You can upgrade your item blue stats with Blue Stat Upgrade scrolls
(STR, INT, HP, MP, Stun resist, Devil/Angel damage).